Day 1 After breakfast at 8:30 am our guides will greet you at the hotel where you are staying. go to the jungle through rubber and cocoa plantation for half an hour, and go directly in the orangutan territory, to see orangutans, and observe their character and behavior, such as searching for the fruit and building nests. During the trip you will see some monkeys and other apes such as siamang or white handed gibbon and possibly some of the birds and reptiles such as lizards and snakes.

Day 2
After breakfast the trip will follow the river ridge
The day ends when we meet the Bohorok river, at its confluence with the Kuala Buluh. Wild elephant territory.

Day 3
Continue up the Bohorok river.

Day 4

We follow one of the tributaries of the Bohorok river.

Day 5
we sleep at Lau Terkicong (Terkicong lake), as we prepare for our push into Aceh.

Day 6
We reach our peak near the border between North Sumatra and Aceh, and then begin our descent towards Kutacane.

Day 7
We continue towards Kutacane We will meet to the public bus ( we can stay in kotacane ).

Package includes:
*English speaking guide(s).
*first aid support.
*activity equipment.
*entrance fees.

Activities included during the activity:
*Natural medicines, identification & usage.
*Meals all equipment (tent, roll mat, sleeping bag).

What to bring:
Suitable walking shoes, change of clothes, sleeping bag, insect repellent, one big bottle of water, torch, camera, sun protection, swimwear, flip-flops, toilet paper.

Trek Cost:
*Price : 300 Euro/person 

*Minimum 3 persons 
*Maximum 6 persons 
*1 or 2 persons-please contact us. Where possible, we will place you with other groups to make sure you do not miss out.

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