Day 1 

After breakfast at 8:30 am our guides will greet you at the hotel where you are staying. After that the tour group will set off into the jungle for roughly a 6 to 7 hour trek. During the trip, if we are lucky, we may see Orangutans, Thomas leaf monkey, Gibbons, or long-tailed Macaque. During the day we will break for lunch and eat tropical fruits, following by a short walk to our campsite location... There you can do activities like bathing in the river and behold the beauty of the natural landscape which will surround you. Our team will provide some complementary tea, coffee and snacks. At the end of the day our team will prepare a delicious dinner which can vary but may include rice, vegetables, chicken, chili sauce, tempeh and more. After dinner we can choose to play a fun interactive group game before going to bed for a well needed rest.

Day 2
After breakfast provided by
Team Bukit Lawang Planet  we will be walking into the jungle. During the journey we will learn about the plants of the forests that can be used as herbal medicine. If we are lucky we may see some interesting animals such as; the Endangered Orangutan, White-hundred gibbon, snakes, monkeys, monitor lizards, and many other exotic wildlife unique to the jungle. The jungle trek is typically a 5-6 hour walk.  During the day our team will prepare a lunch that includes locally sourced fresh fruit. After Lunch we will begin our trek to return to Bukit Lawang. Here we have two options; to return on foot, or, with a traditional tube raft which we can ride down the river for an additional fee. You may choose either to walk back to bukit lawang or travel back with tube rafting down the river.

Package includes:
*English speaking guide(s).
*first aid support.
*activity equipment.
*entrance fees.

*Traditional Tube Rafting
*Transport Pick Up


suitable walking shoes, camera, big bottle of water,Insect Repellent,Sun Cream,Swim Wear and Toilet Paper

Trek Cost:
*Price 90 euro/persons
*minimum 3 persons.
*Maximum 6 persons.
*1 or 2 persons-please contact us. Where possible, we will place you with other groups to make sure you do not miss out. Those jungle trekking packages include meal, guide fee and permit into the jungle. 

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